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Kenneth James

Marine Corporal - kenneth james

Skid Row L.A., CA


peace and love to EVERYONE on the road to CIVILITY - i hope the art that has been created by this soul touches your soul too. Let it help facilitate more love - inspiration - learning of everyday adversity & the creating of beauty out of anguish, finding the conscious soul of nature etc.

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The art i have created is therapy for me, and i hope it helps others as well❗️ i hope to be on my journey to a Ph.D. in Art Therapy so that i can help other Veterans who also have PTSD.

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So in the interim to becoming an Art Therapist, I hope I will see success in finding my art in millions of homes across these United states for which I did my part to ensure democracy for - but all around the world, which i also advocate the same freedoms and dreams as that which we hope for here. i have shared some links in the blog section of my page, so if you don't wish to purchase art now, but you may still wish to help me on my journey, please then look 8/29 Blog, and other Blogs to get an idea of who i am.

Most all the art is based on love. Some of the pieces are done in variations of color and texture, because we are all different, and like a variety, so, some U should look at closely if you think therethere are 2 of the same piece , they are likely different when looking at them individually instead of a thumb nail. Primarily, it is love amongst adversity, and the entity of love we are in good times as well as despite the bad or horrific times. This art is EVERYDAY Valentines, it is more than just romantic art, it is about who we were, who we are, and who we are becoming. Some people love naturally, some people work at it, and some people have not yet fully realized the potential of their love for some reason or another.
There is also a hope that the Art here will be beheld for the nature of the art, the story of the art, and hopefully - this art encourages, inspires, nurtures, and gives hope to our world for a broader road to CIVILITY.

It is this same civility that i yearn to share, through the grappling of severe trauma that has affected me severely - to the point of many years of undiagnosed PTSD and severe depression. Civility that comes in the hands of truth, the integrity to that truth, which is responsibility not only of the person facing a situation, but those who created the situation through dishonesty and/or (what we know as) evil practices *(to say the least). It is the hope of civility unto ourselves, when we are ready to give up or worse... that we hopefully have some of the love that we typically give so freely to others, that we now have it available for ourselves. This civility will allow for us to love at our greatest, when we love ourselves in the greatest possible health... this, what the artist is working on, may be the hardest task for some of us... to love ourselves, especially when loving, hoping, nurturing, etc. has come so easy when it comes to others.

peace and love to all, please be Civil, Love yourself - that you be the fullest realized person loving in this world!

many have inspired me to share my art, after years of not being able to do anything for myself, my PCC therapist & many friends told me, the art was excellent, etc., and that i should share my art... .
My dream Career has always been about helping people, for this is my spirit, and i aim to go back to the University to earn a Ph.D. in art therapy. i don't know how soon i - maybe 2 years - time to find stability i hope.
please also, after you are done book marking all the art you want now, or in the future, Please see my Blogs (located in top row) which shows other activities i am doing, and contributions that can be made for stabilization - which in turn will enable me to ART more - with materials i have not yet been able to realize , on projects that ruminate in this space address of the brain, heart and Universal Soul.
There are links to the Videos i have made, and have been made, there are links to the:
- EveryDay Poetry Blog
- { installation } Resurrected Love Reclamation - which i hope to take around the world and grow to 100,000 pieces,
- the helping of a disabled homeless Marine Veteran - please - in your contribution - share with as many people as possible for this dream to come true - This Marine still has much more to contribute - and still contributes in his overwhelming adversity (unmerited i add)
- Fan Page
- Aida page - is about helping other Veterans one Veteran at a time (personalized help for after or while the artist gains stability himself)

pending on how it all goes, there is much anticipation that there will be much more to come - this is still the artist's first year in public (media) showing - doing it all his self, if there are other ways you wish to contribute, please send kenneth james a message.

thank you so very much

peace and love

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disabled Marine Veteran
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maybe comment in every language in the world.
it is one of my biggest fantasies to share all around the world
- over 200 nations -

hopefully - people from every nation will get my art - and together we make and spread civility - and hopefully, one day, i shall be able to personally start to share all around the world.


cave of color vibrations by Kenneth James


dream chase by Kenneth James


listen to the color by Kenneth James


angels past is U'r protection into delapidation by Kenneth James


ghost strings that the brain to heaven brings by Kenneth James


internal teardrops in an internal drown by Kenneth James


kenneth's nature - dying to live - series - 09 by Kenneth James


Wounded Warrior by Kenneth James


ghost and the dissemination of love by Kenneth James


breathing life's color by Kenneth James


stained simpson character by Kenneth James


jimi hendrix on skid row and a double electric guitar by Kenneth James


thrashed - but not without the head of the devil by Kenneth James


all that it's cracked up 2B - 5th floor by Kenneth James


ocean of light - Malibu by Kenneth James


it is a conversation - it is an intervention by Kenneth James


before the descent GREEN by Kenneth James


love triumphant 3of3 v3 by Kenneth James


the lovely Lu of Mary view v2 by Kenneth James


nature's love by Kenneth James


horse smashing evil on skid row by Kenneth James


3 faces and the evil rejected by the angel of reason by Kenneth James


over the Luckman AT My CSU L.A. by Kenneth James


stain 37 and the eagle globe and anchor by Kenneth James


shogun in Dragons Belly - skid row L.A. by Kenneth James


raining - the welcome storm by Kenneth James


veterans homeless shelter monster in LA - skid row by Kenneth James


love escape to the Universe by Kenneth James


brilliantly passioned love and it's depth by Kenneth James


souls of 2 Veterans walking on Broadway - Glendale that is v3 by Kenneth James


all heart by Kenneth James


aborted to the filth of the streets by Kenneth James


flower in the parameters of the hand by Kenneth James


hour glass of love by Kenneth James


innocent biker blowing bullet boogers on skid row by Kenneth James


finding the way out by Kenneth James


innocent biker blowing bullet boogers on skid row by Kenneth James


skid row artist anime by Kenneth James


Native American Indian Chief in full dance by Kenneth James


the lovely Lu of Mary view by Kenneth James


blots and dots what is and what is not by Kenneth James


kenneth's nature o dying to live o series o 15 by Kenneth James


Santa Monica Pier in color aware by Kenneth James


Experimental love by Kenneth James


light 3 - darkest love by Kenneth James


moon dropped in a hot spot - moon of 03 30 14 by Kenneth James


kenneth's Nature and synthetics by Kenneth James


skid row nude in a storm by Kenneth James