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Hire This Marine

June 29th, 2017

Hire This Marine

#EscapingSkidRow is about a Marine who became homeless and was homeless for over 2 decades - 4 of those most recent years on skid row where he still is today due to disabilities and people committing crimes against him. He has been writing a book about the crimes committed against him (and prior trauma). Now that he has received help from the VA for the disabilities from the Corps - he is finally hoping to escape skid row.

So the idea is - to find 62,000 people to buy a box of cards in AUGUST (8/29) is his special date.

It is the Marines hope - that U will see this, share it, and ask others to do so too. The people and the internet is my only hope... as i still don't have marketing money, but i have over 500 pieces of art

So PLEASE Hire this Marine in August, and help to find the 62,000 people to do so. I think it would be better to make it a goal of a million people in the 2 months left... and if it does happen, i will know my art has touched you, moved you, helped you - and will feel your love on this end for a wonderful change to finally be able to live

Peace and Love


April 30th, 2016



A Marine, with something to share

Love for the broader road to civility
Love amidst adversity
Love experienced
Love received
Love given

With several near death experiences, One intimately knows the value of life
With several years of being homeless, one knows the intimacy of disparity for the value of life
With the appreciation of taking in the fragrances of roses whenever they appear, one appreciates the value of the fragrance of life

With over 17 years of having nothing at all, except for the torment of being subjected to the miseries of those who decided to victimize a disabled impoverished veteran

It's time to live life, let the universe speak that 30,000, that over 1 million, or millions of people buy one box of cards on 8/29